BIO-PRF & BIO-Heat | Webinar | 13.8.2020

Updates in Platelet Rich Fibrin:
Biological Background to Clinical Applications and Introduction to Novel Bio-Heat Technology

Over the past 10 years, platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) has seen a steady increase in utilization for a variety of medical procedures due to its lack of anti-coagulation factors favoring fibrin clot formation and faster wound healing.

More recently, further research has demonstrated that horizontal centrifugation of PRF (Bio-PRF) additionally favors wound healing by incorporating higher populations of white blood cells and progenitor cells within the PRF fibrin matrix leading to higher growth factor release within local micro-environment. Novel protocols shown 4 to 10 fold increase in cells and new possibilities to extend the resorption of PRF from few weeks to 4-6 months, using Bio-Heat technology.

Course Objectives:

Provide the biological background and scientific rationale for why platelet concentrates speed wound healing.
Introduce new protocols using horizontal centrifugation.
Provide novel and more effective protocols for liquid PRF.
Introduce the Bio-Heat technology for both dental and facial esthetics use.

Lecturer: Richard MIRON, DDS, MSc, PhD, Dr. med. dent.

Course no: 2020-10
Qualifications: Dentists, MD and VD (Vet)
Keywords: Bio-PRF, Bio-Heat, GTR, GBR

Date: 13.8.2020
Time: 16:00-17:30
Place: Webinar
Education points:  6 CE
Price: Free
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